Monday, 10 May 2010

My First Blog !!

If I could find a pic of me biting my nails I would place it right here, my first ever blog so please excuse (not that you should though) any layout errors or just a complete mess, I will be lead by your example and comments so please add some !!

So after all this effort of creating and finding the perfect background, content to start us off, what else will be on this blog ? Good question, for me this will be an evolving process with me being a newbie, the content will obviously change when I have more feedback from your goodselves, but initially you can find shop updates from my newly divided Etsy shops, current and future projects as mentioned below, pics of happy Irreplaceable's. I am also thinking about adding a discussion page (same as facebook page but this feels more nicer and homely) to give people the opportunity to add ideas or embelish on something they have in their heads and see if we can put something truly wonderful together, but that is still in my thought process which can sometimes take a while to fire up :)

You will also find a page devoted to my favourite blogs and shops and you will hate me forever, as you will not be able to get yourself away from the computer once you are lost in their dreamy little worlds, they truly are delicious

So what next ?
Dazzle is the first shop that I will be concentrating on as I need to move all current items here from the current shop and also I am currently working on a new range of bespoke vintage necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories to follow after these. I can't wait to show of my new items when they are completed.

Back to work ? If I can stay at home creating I will find a way to achieve this, fingers crossed :) x

Is everyone else blog obsessed ? I think I am going to be - the excitement of a new follower, checking for comments, any more clicks ? Oh no, will I need saving ?

So come along and visit me at Etsy and I am sure you will find other favourite sellers as there are some absolutely gorgeous, unique and unusual items here all made with love x


  1. Well what can I say my gorgeous talented best friend!

    You are so creative and your necklaces are fab, I'm looking forward to my bespoke vintage creation!

    Loving your blog!

    Love ya lots like jelly tots x x

  2. Welcome to the blog world! It's a fun thing to be a part of!