Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Please take 5 mins to help !!

I suffered my first dislocation of my knee when I was about 14, but was always 'double jointed' as a kid and like most never thought anything of it. I then suffered my second dislocation two years ago and found out that in between the two dislocations I was constantly suffering from sublux dislocations. Only recently I have come across a condition called 'Hyper mobility / EDS' and am trying to find a Doctor here in the UK that is fully aware of this condition.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a genetic connective tissue (collagen) disorder that causes debilitating pain, joint dislocations, organ/arterial rupture/dissections and has resulted in numerous deaths from a lack of knowledge. EDS Today was born in 2000, out of dire necessity to help those with EDS acquire the latest, most upto date medical information and contacts in one resource guide, which is written and by those that know and suffer with this condition. Chase Community Giving are holding an event where you can decide if we will be awarded with a much needed $250,000 funding to help further raise awareness, treatment and possible cure for this condition which is misdiagnosed so frequently and this misdiagnosis has led to deaths, misreporting of child abuse due to the fact that we bruise like the push of a button, loss of babies during pregnancy due to rupture the list goes on...

Please click on the Chase link at the top of my blog, register that you like Chase community and use your two votes to help us stay in the number one spot and pass the link to your friends we really do need your help x I thank you with all of my heart x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New Work In Progress Page x

Bespoke Vintage/Bridal Range
I have finally started to create my range of Bespoke pieces for my Vintage and Bridal Range. All items are crafted from vintage brooches, earrings and necklaces. I can honestly say that my hands are hurting (not helped by my Carpal Tunnel), plus I think I will soon have the roughest palms on the planet, but when I see how these creations are developing it all seems worth it when you have such a beautiful timeless Unique piece made just for you x

When complete, I will be placing these in my soon to be opened Etsy Shop 'IrreplaceableWedding' which will also be home to my Bespoke Necklaces, Hairpieces, Bracelets and other wedding items that will compliment each other beautifully.

Current Works in Progress
So here is my current piece which is being created for 'Jelly Tots' it is nearly finished and I cannot wait to photograph it and show you all when it is complete x