My Favourite Links / Sites

Here you will find a collection of my favourite sites and links. Each and every site listed below is regularly visited by me and I am sure once you click you will also be hooked and clicking like me x  Once I get my head round 'blogging' I will be introducing a 'Featured Seller' each month giving you more details, items, designs and inspiration for us all from these creative icons x

Amanda is the talent behind Aereonyx Designs and has the most gorgeous shop on Etsy.  I first came across Amanda in the Etsy chat room and she is truly one of life's gorgeous people, and even though we both sell jewellery (jewelry) she was more than happy to help me out on my wire wrapping and offers the odd link love shout out on facebook when needed.  Amanda is lucky to live in gorgeous New England and has all that natural inspiration all around her, a place I would love to visit.  Visit her blog and shop to find out more x

Stacey has made me the best stickers and labels using my shop logo and I am always getting compliments when they are used in my packaging, but not only is she a great graphic design artist, she also creates jewellery as well and I love her skeleton rings they really are an eye catcher.  She also offers 'taster' items so you don't need to buy massive amounts, but I will be buying in bulk in the future and I am still trying to figure out what I can make so I can get her new transparent labels !!

Miss Elany has some gorgeous fabrics not to be missed and is a regular fellow chatter :) I love her wide range of fabrics and she also sells in packs which is great for making mini projects.  CraftBritannia would not be able to have their regular chats without this lady organising us all, we salute you Mrs !! x

Kristy is a marvel her designs are just gorgeous. My favourite is her Puppy party range - yes that's right puppy party (all I need now is a puppy) !  You can also get baby shower items, invitations, you name it this girl can do it.  Kristy put together this amazing Puppy party for her new addition 'Ozzy' a Lab-Shepherd mix (she already has a mini Dachshund) and there was balloons, banners, sweets and treats for those of us with two legs and more importantly for those with four.  If you have a dog why not throw them an impromptu party to show them how much you love them I can guarantee it will be remembered as one of the best !! x

 You need to stop by this shop and blog - as soon as you click (if you love things girlie or lucky enough to have a little girl or two) you will fall in love with all of her creations.  These Tutu's are amazing and makes me want to dress Grace in one (ok she is nearly 11 and would probably hate me unless it was for Halloween or something !!) These really are some of the best Tutu's around at the mo and not only that she has managed to incorporated these into dresses amazing.  I just wish my tutus will be this good !!! 

I have just come across this really lovely artist called Leah who also has an Etsy Shop called Studio Zen.  I am in love the Honey Tree with white leaves, I think it is beautiful and may well have to save some pennies and get one.  I feel like I could jump right into some of her pictures and others you can almost see them moving with life.  Her choice of colours are amazing and Plumburst is a great example of this and A Day at the Beach is a perfect representation of the Ocean and Sand.  My daughter Grace on occasions strives to be an artist in different forms (currently fashion designer) and a few years ago started to make a gorgeous picture by layering circles on top of each other but then as kids do, got side tracked by her baby brother and added finger prints to compliment his 2 year old fingerprints painting (bless 'em).  I showed Grace Leah's prints and again she feels all inspired, and I can think of no greater compliment to an artist than to be able to inspire another, so Leah on behalf of Grace thank you and below are her favourite pieces from your shop x

More of my favourites will be added very soon xxx


  1. Thank you so very much for featuring me <3

    I love the other shops here you've listed... And I'm off to follow and Link Love too!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Awww thanks so much for the sweet words! Ozzy loves being internet famous :) Great start with the blog! Keep up the good work!


  3. Kirsty,
    Thank you so much for your kind words and for featuring some of my works. I'm thrilled that Grace likes my art too and hope that she continues to find joy in it as I do. Cheers!