Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Facebook Shop !!

Well did you know Facebook has the option to add your own little shop to your fan page !!!

I have only just found this out (this morning to be precise) and have already added my shop (plus some of my new items) to my Irreplaceable fan page it really was quick (only one pic allowed though) and no charge.

This seems to be a fairly new application for Facebook, so obviously they are developing and building on comments made by those that have already opened their shops. They have a page that is dedicated to supporting you through the process and a forum for those questions that everyone needs an answer too.

I have chosen to run this shop alongside my Etsy shop mainly for my UK fans who don't have an Etsy account and for those that don't want to open an account just to buy an item - I am really hoping that this will help broaden my UK business.

So what did I need to do. Well firstly you need a Facebook fan page, a paypal account and a Payvment account. I had two of the three and it took me less than two minutes to set up my Payvment account. The Payvment account will forward all of my Facebook purchases to my Paypal account how great is that ( Payvment also lets you feed your personal website also. There are limitations as to what you can sell, so make sure you check out their terms page (these are mainly things such as adult content, knives, alcohol etc)

Once you have these (if not already), click on the Install App button (linked below if you need it) and follow the directions. It was really quick and took no time at all. You are then given the option to launch your shop, I decided to add my items first then launched my shop so it was stocked and ready to go (ok only a few items as I need to dash out with my bunch of sick kiddies so will add more later today) and I am all done with a new Irreplaceable shop on Facebook. You also have the option to leave your shop public enabling the search facility to be open on your shop and not closed to just your existing fans. Speaking of fans, if someone purchases an item from your Facebook shop and they are an existing fan they will receive a discount automatically when purchasing (that is if you select this option and you decide what discount), if they are not a fan they are given the option to become one !!

So if you fancy giving it ago the link button is below and happy fairy sales to all of you, come back and let me know how you get on xxx


  1. Hi Kirsty! Great post re: setting up a Shop Now tab on a FB Fan Page. If you are looking for other blogging info, come visit HERE
    Would love to have you make a comment!

  2. Good luck with the facebook app helping to broaden your customer base. Thanks for sharing the link!